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Minarets Pack Station

Guided Pack Trips and Activities Offered

Spot / Drop Trips - Basic -We pack you and your gear into the wilderness. Option-We return to pick you and your gear up later.

Extended Trip - allows you to keep the packer and stock with you, allowing you to explore other locations.

Full Service or Specialized Trip –custom design can include guide, cook, stock, food and most camping equipment.

All Day Rides - Sightseeing or fishing trips are $175 per person, minimum of 4 people. This includes a horse, a wrangler and lunch. Reservations required.

Half Day Rides - Sightseeing on the trail, $130.00 per person, minimum of 4 people.  This includes a horse, a wrangler and lunch.  Reservations required.

For Your Information: Reservations made with nonrefundable deposit of 25% down.

Wilderness permits will be reserved by Minarets Pack Station with a $5 per person fee.

All rates subject to a 2% US Forest Service administrative fee.

Weekend Pack Trips  Weekend Package - $550.00 per person, 4 guests or more. Please select your dates, and location outlined below. Reserve with a non-refundable $100.00 per person. The non-refundable balance of $450.00 per person is due 21 days prior to your trip. For your convenience the balance due dates are given for each Wilderness Weekend trip. Your credit or debit card will be billed for cancellations after due dates. 

Pre-Pack Trip Guest Lodging:  Minarets Pack Station welcomes guests going out on a booked trip to come stay with us the night before your trip for: $150.00 per person.  Sleep in one of our comfortable glamping tents, have supper and breakfast with us.  Supper is at 6:30pm so don't be late! Make sure you reserve your space when booking your trip.

* Minarets Pack Station requires a packer to be with our stock at all times!


  • Some trips may require stock transportation. Each pack animal weight limit 130 #. Additional $10 per head charge for stock if stock trailer is needed to start from trail head.
  • Destinations not listed above will be individually quoted. Destinations in Yosemite National Park will also be individually quoted. Generally, one packer will be used for every 5 head of pack and/or saddle animals.
  • **Minimum age for children riding is 12 years.  We RECOMMEND first time trips be to Cora Lake for riders 14 and under.  Helmets are required, no worries, we have them.
  • Please be prepared to have your gear on loading dock at 7:00 am the day of your departure. We prefer the day before. NO PERSONAL SADDLE BAGS ARE ALLOWED. You need only water, snacks, coat and camera on riding stock.

Maximum group size per USFS regulations – 15 people. (which includes packer/s).

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