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Call or email Minarets Pack Station to schedule a day ride.  No more than 8 people per trip. Day Ride clients will be given a riding lesson before they depart for their trip.  


Your full day ride starts in the morning leaving Minarets Pack Station at 8:30 AM returning to the pack station around 5:00 PM.  Upon making your reservations, choose one of two destinations below, bring your fishing poles or plan a hike once you've reached your destination.  A sack lunch is included in the cost of your day trip.


Half Day rides leave the pack station at 8:30 am and return to the pack station around noon.  When you get back to the pack station, a sack lunch will be provided.


Children must be age 12 or more, riders 18 and under wear helmets (provided), and must be accompanied by an adult. When scheduling a trip with children 14 and under, Cora Lake should be your destination choice. Some riding experience preferred.


Full Day Cost:  $175.00 per person, 4 guest minimum

Half Day Cost: $130.00 per person, 4 guest minimum


Full or Half Day rides are led by our Packers.  None of our stock goes unaccompanied. 

NO DOGS will be allowed on Full or Half day Rides.



(559) 304-0251 Tracy's cell

(559) 859-3163 Mikki's cell

Take an all day trail ride to Cora Lake on the Isberg Trail with Minarets Pack Station and Resort

Cora Lake MPS

Full Day Ride to Cora Lake


Cora Lake

Full Day Ride- Cora Lake is at approximately 8,000 feet. This destination is one of our most preferred.  The lake sits off to the side of the Isberg Trail.  The Isberg Trail is a bit more rugged. Riders must cross over "The Niche". Bring your fishing poles.


Lillian Lak​e

Full Day Ride- Lillian Lake is located on the Fernandez Trail.  This lake also sits at approximately 8,000+ feet.  The Fernandez Trail or Lillian Lake Loop is a popular trail given our rugged country.  These lakes are also very good for fishing. 

Take an all day trail ride to Lillian Lake on the Fernandez Trail with Minarets Pack Station and Resort

Lillian Lake MPS

Full Day Ride to Lillian Lake


Guided Full Day or Half Day Trail Ride Tour

Lunch Included


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