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Minarets Pack Station Cookbook

Off~Grid Enterta​ining with Minarets Pack Station

Off-Grid Entertaining with Minarets Pack Station is a collection of recipes with ingredients that I use in my kitchen at work and at home. My book covers meal planning, preparation, and serving meals for our family, friends, guests, and employees. I talk about how to create seasonings and rubs for meats, how to plan meals for guests with different dietary needs and about how to change a recipe to better fit an occasion. The meals I prepare must be well balanced, high in proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Living, working, riding and hiking in the Sierra National Forest and Ansel Adam's Wilderness requires a lot of energy. Healthy meals help to aid in good decision-making skills, and one also sleeps better on a full stomach. When you're a guest with us, you'll eat well, and experience the stories around the supper table! My book describes the services Minarets Pack Station offers the Outdoorsman. The pack station offers Private Glamping Tent Cabins, Day or Half Day Trail Rides with a lunch and a Packer, Group Gatherings are welcomed.  Our Packers, and mules will pack in your gear while you hike at leisure to reach a prearranged destination. Our crew drops off the gear and can return to pick up at a later date. We provide a service that promotes aid to the Hiker to hike many trails for their years to come. Reservations are a must. See you soon.

The Wire-O Soft Cookbook comes with a code emailed to the reader that can be opened on a phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. It's a two for one deal.

To ORDER, Click the Link Below. Thank you so much!

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