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Experience what Minarets Pack Station Can Offer

Our family owned and operated pack support business helps you by packing your gear into the wilderness so you can hike at leisure.  Contact us to plan your trip.  We can help you choose a lake or meadow to hike to, and the trail heads to use.  We can help you choose your hike on level of difficulty and mileage.  If you just want to spend a few days in our glamping tents and enjoy nature from your deck, read a good book, paint or birdwatch, this is the place for you. Contact us to book today.

  • High Sierra pack trips, 
  • Horseback riding, 
  • Mule riding,
  • Backcountry packing class, 
  • Nature glamping, 
  • Family mountain vacations, 
  • Drop camps, 
  • Wilderness fishing trips, 
  • Camping vacation packages, 
  • Camping trips for adults, 
  • Family camping trips, 
  • Backcountry camping in California, 
  • Family Glamping in California, 
  • Hikers pack support trekking, 
  • Youth wilderness experiences, 
  • Youth group camping, 
  • Backcountry pack support, 
  • Wilderness traveling trips, 
  • Wilderness weekend trips, 
  • Family reunion glamping, 
  • Private campgrounds, 
  • All Day Rides with lunch, 
  • Half Day Rides with lunch, 
  • Access to wilderness trails, Isberg trail head, Fernandez trail head, Mammoth trail head, Jackass trail head, Chiquita trail head.
  • Glamping Group Gatherings.  
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