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Upon booking with MPS, let us know if you are bringing a dog.  

There is a $75.00 pet fee per dog, per night.  This will be added to your total package. If a guest arrives with more than one dog, though there is a limit of one dog per guest site, the guest will be charged for each dog, for each day.

Please note: All dogs must be leashed in campground. Keep them away from our mule pens. You are responsible for cleaning up after them. If you choose to bring your dog, please bring your own crate and dog bedding. The crate is allowed in the glamping tents specified for guests with pets.  Please make sure your dog(s) is up to date on rabies shots, all vaccinations, and provide proof upon making reservations through email. All dogs must be leashed in the forest and at our Pack Station. Tell Us Ahead of Time.

 Friendly Suggestion- My dogs have a waterproof dome tent with blankets at home. They love it. One of those would fit nicely on a glamping deck.



NOTE:  We have dogs.  Our dogs are working dogs.  We have to know if you are bringing your pet dogs so we can kennel ours before you get there.





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