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GLAMPING (Glamorous + Camping)

If you are hosting a Family Getaway, Team Builder for work or just getting away with friends, Minarets Pack Station is set up to help you make wonderful memories for the future.  We offer Glamorous Camping Wall Tents for your party with various sleeping arrangements to choose from.  Visit the Glamping Tab to review our tent cabins and bed sizes.  Bring your sleeping bags, pillows, and pajamas.  Fall weather is nippy.  No worries, a warm comforter is at the end of your bed just in case.  There are also extras in your tent cabin.

Maximum Group Size for Glamping:   28

Hot Coffee & Tea are on at 6:30AM.


For early risers, just slip on your slippers and come to the lodge for your morning beverage. On cool mornings you can enjoy the warm fire here in the lodge.   Hot Cocoa is also available and delicious on a fall morning.

Breakfast is served at 8:00AM

When you hear the bell ring, breakfast is on.  

This will get your day started right.  Then off you go to a group activity, a full or half day ride, a hike, walk around the meadow, sit and paint on your glamping deck, or just go back to your warm bed and read a good book.  It's your day!



The Supper Bell Rings at 6:30PM, don't be late!

Gather at our rustic forest table under the trees with your guests.  Strung solar lights will light up your evening with a gentle glow while you enjoy your meal.  


When making reservations, Please indicate your guests food choice (Vegetarian or Omnivore).  We have four different meals to choose from.  If there are any special requests pertaining to the meal such as food allergies, this must be discussed early on.  It is the group leader's job to collect this information in a timely manor because every meal at this pack station is planned.  


Please Note: Menus are subject to change given current conditions.  Thank You.

Our Group Supper Menu

When Making Reservations, Choose One supper on the menu per group night.  

Changes are Welcome Two Weeks Ahead of Time.

#1- The Vegetarian

Capre​se Stuffed Avocados-

Avocadoes stuffed with an Avocado base to combine finely chopped cucumbers, sliced grape tomatoes, Mozzarella balls with added salt and pepper, and a Balsamic Vinegar Glaze.

Penne Pasta Primavera-

Penne Pasta Noodles, Asparagus tops, Garlic, Baby Bell Mushrooms, sliced Grape Tomatoes in a White Handcrafted Primavera Sauce.

Buttered Hot Rolls

Cucumber Lemon Water

Iced Tea

& Dessert



# 2- The Carnivore

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Salad with Homemade Bacon Ranch Dressing

Whole Seasoned and Grilled 

Rib Eye OR Brisket

Tequila Lime Grilled Shrimp

Steakhouse Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Choice of Corn, Green Beans or Asparagus

Iced Tea







#3- The Minarets

Garden Salad with Ranch or House Dressing

Seasoned Grilled Tri-Tip

Loaded baked Potato

Asparagus, Green Beans or Sweet Corn

Buttered Hot Rolls

Iced Tea

& Dessert


#4- The San Juaquin

*Garden Salad with House Dressing

*Extra Large Beefy Enchiladas stuffed with Refried Beans, Asada, Black Beans, cooked White Onion, a little Garlic & Topped with Medium Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese, Green Onion, Cilantro, diced Grape Tomato's with a side of Guacamole and 

Sour Cream.

*Jalapeno Poppers

*Iced Tea

& Dessert

(NOTE:  Enchiladas can also be meatless for vegetarians.) 



Our Sunshine Breakfast Menu

When Making Reservations, Choose One breakfast on the menu per group morning.

 Changes are Welcome Two Weeks Ahead of Time.

#1- The Forester


Biscuits and Bacon Gravy

Scrambled Eggs

Juice & Coffee


#2​- The Outfitter


Cinnamon French Toast


Juice & Coffee







#3- The Lumberjack ​

Ham & Eggs

Biscuits & White Country Gravy

Juice & Coffee


#4- The Claim Jumper 



Scrambled Eggs

Juice & Coffee


Forest Lunches

Lunches are the responsibility of the group.  Pack up an ice chest with your lunch stuff and bring it with you. Also, bring plenty of bottled water or purchase it for $5.00 a gallon from the pack station.

Group Size: 9 & Under

$150.00 per Person per Night


 10 years and under $60.00 each  

Group Size: 10-17

$140.00 per Person per Night


10 years and under $60.00 each 

Group Size: 18-26

$130.00 per Person per Night


10 years and under $60.00 each​ 

Order the 

Off-Grid Entertain​ing with Minarets Pack Station Cookbook

     Order our cookbook to see the recipes with ingredients I use at the pack station. When you order the Wire-O soft cookbook, a code is emailed to you. Open it up and use it on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer.  Keep one, gift the other.

     The Off-Grid entertaining with Minarets Pack Station cookbook also talks about our business and the services we offer.  This illustration of MPS has several color pictures showing the many lakes we pack in to. Our book is also available in eBook form. 
                                                Order and Enjoy!


Minarets Pack Station Cookbook
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